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Re: (ITS#5734) Serch limits by baseDN

h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no wrote:
> I wrote:
>> Here a suggested patch, currently a quick hack for inspection.
> I forgot slap.h.  Added it now.  And manpage while I'm at it.
>> This needs an API change: Currently slapd/limits.c:limits_gets()
>> takes the bound DN as an argument.  The change needs a function
>> which fetches the bound or examined DN from the Operation structure.
> Typo, it's                             slapd/limits.c:limits_get()
>> Is it OK to just remove the DN argument and make the function
>> static, so any existing binaries that call it won't silently get
>> the changed API?  Slapd doesn't call this function anywhere.
> ..it's not called anywhere _else_, that is.

Sounds good for me.


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