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Re: (ITS#5744) Automatically close issues when no feedback is received within a reasonable time

quanah@zimbra.com wrote:

>> The ITS is polluted by issues opened, considered by developers, and
>> pending feedback since ever.  I suggest the ITS automatically closes
>> issues not fed back after a reasonable amount of time.  Closed issues can
>> always be re-opened if issueers wake up and respond.
> The problem I see with this is we have a number of ITS' that are open 
> because the work was partially done, but there is work remaining to be 
> done, and that needs to be tracked.  I'm not sure if "Open" is the best 
> state, but they definitely shouldn't be "closed" either.
> I feel what we really need is a much improved bug tracking system where we 
> can do things like assign target releases to bugs, keywords, and have 
> better-tuned states.

I don't want to make the story too long.  Changing the ITS system could 
be an option, but I don't see it as a priority.  Your point about 
partially addressed issues could probably be fixed by:
   - adding a comment on what release saw what portion of the fix
   - adding a new "needswork" state

My point is about tickets opened with only partial information, answered 
with a request for clarification that never comes in: 5712, 5652, 5651, ...


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