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(ITS#5734) Serch limits by baseDN

Full_Name: Hallvard B Furuseth
Version: HEAD
URL: http://folk.uio.no/hbf/OpenLDAP/limits.txt
Submission from: (NULL) (
Submitted by: hallvard

I want to give part of a database different limits than the rest.

Here a suggested patch, currently a quick hack for inspection.  It
gives ".this" and ".self" modifiers to "dn" in the "limits" keyword:

    limits dn[.this | .self][.exact | .base | ...] ...

"Self" is default and matches the specified DN against the bound DN.
"This" matches against the base DN of the search.  (Keywords chosen
from "this"/"self" in set ACLs, since names like "base" are taken.)

This needs an API change: Currently slapd/limits.c:limits_gets()
takes the bound DN as an argument.  The change needs a function
which fetches the bound or examined DN from the Operation structure.

Is it OK to just remove the DN argument and make the function
static, so any existing binaries that call it won't silently get
the changed API?  Slapd doesn't call this function anywhere.