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Re: (ITS#5720) ldap_str2charray calls ldap_utf8_strchr incorrectly

--On September 30, 2008 6:20:58 PM +0000 h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no wrote:

> quanah@zimbra.com writes:
>> Yes. The calling order was incorrect.  It is supposed to be
>> ldap_utf8_strchr(s, brkstr).
> No.  Try this with the new code:
>   env LDAPHOST='host1 host2' valgrind clients/tools/ldapwhoami -x
> It returns writes past malloced areas in ldap_str2charray().
> options.c calls ldap_charray("host1 host2", ", ") to parse that.
> It counted the number of commas and spaces in the host string.
> With the new code, it instead sums up:
>    number of commas in "host1 host2"
>  + number of commas in  "ost1 host2"
>  + number of commas in   "st1 host2"
> etc and you never count spaces.

So, the solution is to revert the order of the call, but leave the loop the 
way it is now?



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