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Re: (ITS#5663) Declaring substitute syntax as LDAP syntax


I have a patch 
that implements support for "ldapsyntax" (slapd.conf) and 
"olcLdapSyntaxes" (back-config) in order to allow run-time configuration 
of syntaxes that have NULL handlers and thus need to have the X-SUBST 
extension in place.  The patch is very intrusive, that's why I didn't 
commit it right now, as I'd like someone to give it a look first.  It 
applies to HEAD as of right now.  Please test and report.  My current 
test configuration is something like

ldapsyntax ( <my-syntax-oid> NAME 'MySyntax'
	DESC 'this is the description'

followed by

attributeType ( <my-at-oid> NAME 'MyAttr'
	SYNTAX <my-syntax-oid> )

It seems to work just fine, although I didn't check many features like 
deletion of schema via back-config and so.


Ing. Pierangelo Masarati
OpenLDAP Core Team

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