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Re: (ITS#5695) AC syntax in OpenLDAP

I have uploaded a patch that incorporates yours into the code as after 
applying my fixes to certificate stuff and the implementation of 
certificateList matching as of last night (ITS#5700).  I have modified 
your contribution to reflect the functionalities I have added to 
certificate handling in order to minimize code duplication.


Note that the OIDs used in the above patch are from OpenLDAP's 
development arc, but I didn't register them yet, because I first want to 
be sure there are no official OIDs for those syntaxes yet.

The patch also includes the complete schema (objectClasses and 
attributeTypes) concerning PMI as of X.509.  I'll commit it as soon as I 
get some feedback about your copyright notice and OID registration.  In 
the meanwhile, please test.


Ing. Pierangelo Masarati
OpenLDAP Core Team

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