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Re: (ITS#5695) AC syntax in OpenLDAP

tamburo@studenti.unina.it wrote:
> Sorry for error the correct link is 
> http://www.studenti.unina.it/~tamburo/tesi/openldap/Luca-Tamburo-AC-08-09-11.tgz
Thanks for the contribution.  I gave a look at it, and seems to be fine,
although I need to check something with X.509.  I wonder if and how much
you tested it, since while playing with it I found what I believe is a
severe issue in lutil_str2bin(), which is used also in your code... (see
ITS#5699).  I also have a concern with respect to the IPR declaration on
top of your patch, though.  You state:

> This patch file is derived from OpenLDAP Software. All of the
> modifications to OpenLDAP Software represented in the following
> patch(es) were developed by Luca Tamburo at ICAR, Branch of Naples,
> Italy. Luca Tamburo has not assigned rights and/or interest in this
> work to any party. I, Giovanni Schmid, project manager at ICAR,  am
> authorized by Luca Tamburo, my employer, to  release this work under
> the following terms.

It sounds like you are authorizing Giovanni Schmid, project manager at 
ICAR, to release your work, or something like that?  I think you should 
clarify it a little bit.  In any case, I'd leave all issues about IPR to 
the OpenLDAP foundation; as soon as it's clarified, I'll commit your 
patch (with some modifications).


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