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Re: (ITS#5668) Invalid entryCSN generated, and slapd will not restart

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
> Looking at liblutil/utils.c:lutil_gettime() led me to
>     Beware of QueryPerformanceCounter()
>     http://www.virtualdub.org/blog/pivot/entry.php?id=106
> Is warning relevant to slapd?  I don't know Windows programming at all.
Yes, it's relevant. People running on Windows should probably boot with 
/usepmtimer to make sure the ACPI timer is used (which runs at 3.5MHz). Then 
again, the simplest solution is "don't run mission-critical servers on 
Windows" because the platform is so completely inadequate, for this and many 
other reasons. Probably should read this as well

Of course, not all of this uncertainty is Microsoft's fault - AMD documented 
that their dual-core processors would keep their TSCs in sync between both 
cores, but in reality the TSCs never stay in sync. So if you happen to be 
running an old-enough Windows release, written when the TSC was still believed 
to be a reliable clock source, you may have problems unless you explicitly 
tell Windows to use the ACPI PM timer.

If you're running on a very old motherboard that doesn't support ACPI, you 
won't have a PM timer to use; but in that case you're probably also running 
with a processor that doesn't have TSC issues.
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