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Re: (ITS#5694) Usage of -w with slapadd breaks delta-syncrepl

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

> Just to be clear here, I'm slapcating a provider while it is running, 
> then stopping the provider and the replica, wiping both their dbs, then 
> using slapadd -w to reload the *provider* and syncrepl to load the 
> consumer. Thus I don't see whether or not the CSN is in memory at the 
> time on the *provider* matters much.

Right, it shouldn't matter, since either it is equal to what -w would 
generate, or -w would overwrite it with the correct value anyway.  The 
only case I see is if the last operation was a delete, then the 
contextCSN on the provider would be greater than what a slapadd -w would 

>  Particularly given that if I stop 
> the reloaded provider and restart it (i.e., flushing the context CSN), I 
> still get the same behavior problems on the replica.  I.e., the replica 
> has never been loaded via slapadd, only the provider, and the provider 
> has been stopped started since the slapadd.

In fact, I could easily reproduce the behavior you pointed out.


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