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Re: (ITS#5694) Usage of -w with slapadd breaks delta-syncrepl

I thuink the issue is related to the fact that slapadd -w uses 
bi_tool_entry_modify() and bi_tool_sync().  However, slapo-accesslog(5) 
does not implement those hooks.  As a consequence, any modification to 
the context entry is not reflected in slapo-accesslog(5).

However, I don't see how this should affect replication, since a 
consistent database, after slapcatt'ing, should generate a ldif with the 
correct contextCSN.  However, if you slapcat before stopping the 
producer, the resulting ldif will not contain the contextCSN, because 
after a fresh slapadd without -w it's kept in memory until the producer 
is stopped.  You should try

(i) stop the master and replica
(j) do a slapcat of the master
(k) delete the database on the master and replica
(l) Use slapadd -w to restore your slapcat of 5 users
(m) start the replica, verify the contents are the same
(n) stop the replica
(o) add a user on the master
(p) wait for the accesslog to expire
(q) start the replica

In the meanwhile, you should check what contextCSN your consumers have 
after syncing from a producer loaded without -w.


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