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Re: (ITS#5690) cn=config cannot be rootdn

quanah@zimbra.com wrote:

> In OpenLDAP 2.3, it was possible to set the rootdn of the main database to be
> cn=config.  This no longer works in OpenLDAP 2.4, but seems like it should be
> valid to me.


> cn=config is *clearly* under ""

No, cn=config is *clearly* under cn=config, which comes earlier than "". 
  As such, auth'ing as cn=config will be intercepted by back-config, 
hence the config error.

> and changing it to "cn=config,dc=junk" works. 
> So it's specific to the term "cn=config".  Changing it to "cn=joe" works just
> fine.  It also doesn't seem to care that I use "cn=config" with back-monitor...

But then you don't need to set rootpw.


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