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Re: (ITS#5679) Translucent search

julien@famille-garnier.com wrote:

> It seems to be impossible to search local and remote together : 
> a search request against one local attribute work correctly and return result 1
> (ldapsearch "(local=*)")
> a search on a remote atttribute works fine  and return result 2 (ldapsearch
> "(remote=*)")
> Finaly, a search with the local and remote attribute  (ldapsearch
> "($(local=*)(remote=*))")

I assume "$" is a typo, while you meant "&" in the above filter.

> only return results as the search on the local
> attribute and doesn't take the remote attribute. The respons is the same as
> result 1
> In slapd.conf : 
> translucent_local local
> translucent_remote remote

I've checked the current code, and it appears to work as intended.  Can 
you confirm the fact that the local and remote attributes are contained 
only in the local and the remote database, respectively?  You can easily 
check by directly searching the remote database.  Otherwise, you don't 
provide enough information about configuration and database contents to 
reproduce the issue.


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