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Re: (ITS#5686) OpenLDAP build broken for solaris 64bit

quanah@zimbra.com writes:
> Sounds like a broken release of libtool to me.  i.e., I don't see
> anything here that's an openldap specific issue.  I'd advise examining
> your tool chain.

Hm?  libtool is built from build/ltmain.sh + build/config.* bundled with
OpenLDAP.  And it's quite old.  If that's failing, it needs an upgrade
in OpenLDAP.

I looked at it once but couldn't test a fresh libtool + autotools on
more than one or two hosts.  And the current installation uses some
patches form the standar dlibtool distribution which I don't know what
do.  I don't remember what came of it.  Anyway, it might be a fix
to try
	libtoolize --copy --force
with later versions of autotools (autoconf, automake, libtool).