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Re: (ITS#5661) contextCSN gets corrupted on the stand by mirror

Pierangelo Masarati wrote :

> Well, going back to your initial posting, I think you are somehow 
> correct. ...

So I will use the simple configuration (only one syncrepl directive) for my production site. 


> I set up a test system with 
> your configuration, and loaded it very heavily, while running the server 
> that's supposed to screw up under valgrind.  I haven't seen any issue 
> yet, though.

Neither me : When I run slapd with valgrind I cannot reproduce the problem !
Also if I run slap with detailed log I cannot reproduce it.
Both cases slow down slapd !

Isn't this a problem of simultaneous (concurrent) access to the contextCSN memory zone ?

I will be on vacation for two weeks.
Thanks for your help.
Best Regards