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Re: (ITS#5680) pcache not returning cached entries

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> hyc@symas.com wrote:
>>>>> The backend server is a Novell eDirectory and the proxy don't have
>>>>> information about the complete schema.
>>>> I suspect the remote server is returning an objectClass that is unknown
>>>> to the proxy; for example, ndsLoginProperties.  So, not ours :)
>>> I could reproduce the issue by caching an entry with an objectClass not
>>> known to the proxy :).  So the "right" solution consists in fixing the
>>> proxy's schema.  Of course, OpenLDAP could inform the proxy
>>> administrator with some intelligible message or, even better, try to
>>> repair itself (e.g. by checking the remote server's subschemaSubentry).
>> Probably not a good idea to do that automagically. Perhaps with a config
>> switch.
> Right.  I'll fix it.

Actually... I think the original patch was fine. I meant, checking the remote 
server's subschema should be optional...  ;)
>> Also, not a good idea to import miscellaneous foreign schema globally;
>> we should implement per-database schema instead.
> I think per-database subschema has been on the todolist since ever or so :)

And now we have another reason to do it.
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