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Re: (ITS#5669) slapd replica ignores some new objects

Howard Chu wrote:
> ali.pouya@free.fr wrote:

>> I precise that I have set the following directives (I have no delete operation
>> in my directory and I wish to avoid the present phase to be engaged) :
>> syncprov-nopresent     TRUE
>> syncprov-reloadhint    TRUE
>> If I comment out at least one of these directives then the problem disapears
>> (the object o1 is present in the replica).
> You're tripping over a behavior change that was made to fix ITS#5493. For now,
> you should only use both of those settings together if the underlying database
> is an accesslog DB (which always returns entries in modification order). We
> should probably use some other method of detecting the accesslog...

In fact, just drop the syncprov-reloadhint setting and you'll be fine. (Since 
you never have delete operations, reloads will never occur anyway.)

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