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Re: (ITS#5661) contextCSN gets corrupted on the stand by mirror

Hi Pierangelo,
>> contextCSN: 20080727021429.070493Z#000000#000#000000
> which looks like
> 4 bytes of garbage + "0802033718.300111Z#000000#001#000000"
Yes, but I would like to bring a precision :
under VI the 4 bytes are handled as 2 characters only. In fact each time 
the problem occurs I repair my database using a BDB C program wich reads 
the first key from id2entry.bdb and writes it on disk.
Then I use vi to fix the contextCSN, before writing the key back to the 
Using vi I do not delete any characters. I only replace them by 20, then 
I fix the rest of the fields.

Another precision : when the first two chars take corrupted, the rest of 
the contextCSN gets stuck and does not follow write operations.

> I note that, according to the sid values you assigned to servers A and 
> B, the first contextCSN should not appear, since it has sid == 0, 
> while the second one, apart from the corruption, is plausible (as 
> you're writing to server A, with sid == 1).
The contextCSN with sid=0 is there because at the beginning I initiated 
my directory without SID (defaults to 0), then I set two difrent SIDs 
for A and B.

Best Regards