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Re: (ITS#5662) Comments in schema declarations separated by semicolon

michael@stroeder.com writes:
>hyc@symas.com wrote:
>>Michael Ströder wrote:
>>> The comments wouldn't have to persist in cn=config.
>> Perhaps not, but that makes the data in cn=config less comprehensible
>> than it would be in slapd.conf.

Well, that's no different from #comments at the beginning of lines.
Or the default values which back-config inserts.  One can't tell
whether a value is present because the admin knew and thought about
it or because cn=config defaulted it.


>> Who benefits from this feature?
> An admin copying&pasting a schema from an standard document which uses
> this format.  I'm currently looking at such a document with ~500
> occurences of OIDs used in declarations instead of NAMEs.

Which one?  It's not RFC 4512 format.  RFC 4512 uses ';' for comments
_about_ the syntax of schema elements, not _in_ their syntax.