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Re: (ITS#5662) Comments in schema declarations separated by semicolon

hyc@symas.com writes:
> It would be smarter to just standardize OID macros for each of these
> OIDs, the way X.500 did, and not require the humans reading these
> specs to memorize these numeric OIDs...

Yup.  slapd/schema/syntaxes.schema?
Syntax names like olsDirectoryString or just DirectoryString?
(I don't know if OID macro names are a separate namespace or not.)

> I don't see any straightforward way to modify our parser as you're
> suggesting.  Unless someone else feels like jumping in, I think we
> should reject this ITS.

back-config could accept
  attributeTypes:: base64("description with line endings and comments")
if it doesn't already.  Personally I wouldn't write such a file anytime
soon, but someone who schema via some LDAP-friendly tool might.