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Re: (ITS#5640) slapd scans too many objects at startup

Gavin Henry <ghenry@suretecsystems.com> wrote :

> ali.pouya@free.fr wrote:

> Why do you change serverID?
In a configuration with two mirrors I have to set two different IDs. The problem
is that the replica defaults to serverID=0, whilst I understood that the replica
does not need a serverID.

> So you're saying serverID=0, serverID=1, serverID=2 makes a difference
> from serverID=1, serverID=2, serverID=3?
> They only have to be unique.

Yes. Let me put the problem another way :

In 2.4.11 each time you start slapd (master as well as replica) it scans (reads)
all of the objects being more recent than its contextCSN value having ITS OWN
serverID. Wouldn't it be bettre that it scans only the objects more recent thant
the moste recent value of the contextCSN ?
If y have millions of such entries the scanning taks too long.
Is this a bug or a normal feature ?

> There are no writes above, you've only shown searches.

Yes there are no writes because this is an extract of the startup log.

> How many times do you restart slapd and why?

In production I restart slapd once a day for backup. But the problem is that if
I restart it for any reason I have to wait to much for the service to be

I hope I have have understood and answered to your quetions.
Best Regards