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(ITS#5647) problem with ldap backend / rwm overlay

Full_Name: Brett Maxfield
Version: slapd 2.4.11 (Jul 29 2008 19:56:20)
OS: SunOS qgdmzmlr01 5.10 Generic_127111-11 sun4v sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-T200
Submission from: (NULL) (

I am trying to setup a ldap backend which is a filtered view of another larger
parent directory, with respect to exposing fewer object classes and attributes.

The intent is to present a simpler view of the larger directory, and the config
below works, except for when i uncomment the line containing "rwm-map attribute
*", to hide the attributes i do not want visible, but after that it stops
returning any entries at all for any query. So may be there is some important
openldap attribute i am nuking ?

The below config works, until the "rwm-map attribute *" line is uncommented, the
ldap backend stops returning any entries. Pierangelo Masarati on the list stated

Yes, I fear that's hiding the objectClass attribute, which is required for
internal operations.  On the other hand, you can't simply tell back-ldap to
preserve that attribute, because mapping objectClass is not allowed.  I suggest
you file an ITS so that this problem can be fixed.

I have tried mapping the "rwm-map attribute objectClass *", and as Perangelo
states, the error is "objectclass attribute cannot be mapped". If this is true,
then the usability of rwm-map attribute is extremely compromised, and probably

The structure of the parent directory is :

    o=My Org 1
        ou=My Unit 1
    o=My Org 2
        ou=My Unit 2

Config is :

database        ldap
suffix          "c=AU"
uri             "ldap://<parent ip>:<parent port>/"
overlay         rwm
lastmod         off

# attribute maps (ok except for final "rwm-map attribute *" map)
rwm-map attribute cn *
rwm-map attribute sn *
rwm-map attribute mail *
rwm-map attribute c *
rwm-map attribute o *
rwm-map attribute ou *

# does not like this, it stops any entries being returned
#rwm-map attribute *

# objectclass maps (ok)
rwm-map objectclass top *
rwm-map objectclass country *
rwm-map objectclass organization *
rwm-map objectclass organizationalRole *
rwm-map objectclass organizationalPerson *
rwm-map objectclass organizationalUnit *
rwm-map objectclass *