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Re: (ITS#5642) Double free on exit, when specific attributetype is defined

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
> hyc@symas.com writes:
>>> attributetype ( NAME 'requireClass' SUP objectClass )
>> This is now fixed in HEAD.
> Slapd should to refuse to start with a bogus OID like that.
> OIDs start with components<0-1>.<0-39>  or 2.<any>.
> The LDAP standard doesn't seem to mention this, but RFC 4517 does defer
> to X.680 (the ASN.1 spec), which since 1998 has deferred to X.660 -
> which I don't have:-( Anyway, my reference is John Larmouth's _ASN.1
> Complete_.  And it can be inferred from the BER encoding of the OBJECT
Feel free to patch it. The fix I committed was simply to the double-free for 
any attributeType that inherits from objectClass...

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