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Re: (ITS#5581) slapd: search.c:970: oc_filter: Assertion `f != ((void *)0)' failed.

----- stef@memberwebs.com wrote:

> I get this problem with 2.4.11 (but not with 2.4.10). My slapo-unique
> configuration is as follows:
> unique_uri ldap:///?cn?sub
> unique_uri ldap:///?uid,login?sub?(!(disabled=TRUE))
> The filter seems valid to me, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

Does "disabled" exist?  I mean: is it defined __before__ this line in your slapd.conf?  Does TRUE comply with its syntax?  I've checked the fix to this bug, and it seems to mischeck the validity of the filter, so if what you specify in the "filter" field of the URI is not a valid filter, the string "(?=error)" shows up instead of the normalization of your filter, causing subsequent harm to filter evaluation.  This does not occur if the filter is valid, so there must be also an error on your side (I'm fixing the test, in the meanwhile, so that the error is notified while parsing the configuration).


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