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Slapd terminates unexpectedly

Title: Slapd terminates unexpectedly


I am running OpenLDAP 2.3.42 on Windows as a service and am experiencing very frequent cases where the slapd service terminates unexpectedly.  I run the same OpenLDAP load on Redhat Linux where I have had only a single (unconfirmed) report of slapd stopping on its own.  I suspected that the problem may be related to the Windows Service Manager, so I ran a slapd instance from the command line to remove WSM from the equation.  I was able to reproduce the problem twice, each time the console printed the following message:

      Please contact the application's support team for more information.

I am currently running slapd in the console with full debugging turned on, but as of yet haven't seen the problem.  I will forward a more complete trace if I can capture one.

I have been running various version of OpenLDAP on Windows in this manner for the past 4 years without problems.  Recently, I started using syncrepl and PPOLICY.  I don't think this is related to my problem, but thought it worth noting.


Craig Worgan