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Re: (ITS#5618) better error messages for syncrepl failure

henson@acm.org wrote:

> I recently installed some updates and configuration changes on one of my
> LDAP slaves. Replication broke mysteriously after that. The only thing logged
> was "slapd[30723]: do_syncrepl: rid 001 retrying (9 retries left)"

What log level?


> I finally figured out that the search was failing with a protocol error because
> derefAliases was set to always, a setting I had just added. It would be useful
> if replication failure provided better error messages, something in the logs
> indicating that a protocol error had occurred because of an invalid
> dereferencing setting would have saved me a lot of time.
> In addition, if it is a protocol error to dereference aliases in the context of
> syncrepl, shouldn't the server just ignore that global configuration setting and
> just do the right thing?

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