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Re: (ITS#5612) Contributing An Overlay which Submits Modification in LDAP to a Web-Page!

--On Tuesday, July 15, 2008 6:43 AM +0000 fawadlateef@gmail.com wrote:

> Thanks for your replies.
> By looking at RFC4533 AND slapo-accesslog I __don't__ think they can
> be used against what my contributed overlay can do.
> The overlay actually monitors add/delete/modify operations based on
> attributes/dn/classobject and if they matches it triggers event to the
> URL (like interrupt).

The accesslog DB writes out to the database add/delete/modify events, which 
logs attributes/dn/objectclasses.  You could use any ldap sync listener to 
react to those, and do whatever it is you choose to have it do.

This is exactly what Stanford University has used Net::LDAPapi to do, where 
it watches for group membership changes, and then performs actions on other 
enterprise applications based on those changes.



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