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Re: (ITS#5612) Contributing An Overlay which Submits Modification in LDAP to a Web-Page!

fawadlateef@gmail.com wrote:

> Contributing an overlay which submits modification in LDAP to a web-page through
> libcurl. 

Thanks for the contribution.  Without having looked too much into the 
solution you designed, however, I believe you moved too much effort at 
the DSA side.  An alternative approach to your problem consists in using 
the RFC4533 LDAP Sync to design a client that is persistently returned 
any change in data matching a search request, letting the client adapt 
the results into the desired form for the web page.  The client could be 
easily embedded in a web server, e.g. using the scripting capabilities 
that most web servers have, or even coded using those scripting 
capabilities, provide they support the capability to implement the LDAP 
extensions used by RFC 4533.


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