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Re: (ITS#5608) additional info: modify/delete: postalAddress: no equality matching rule

Declarations of schema elements should be published as specified in  

RFC 4512:
    Servers SHOULD provide definitions of all schema elements they  
support in subschema (sub)entries.

The definitions themselves, such as for postalAddress, should be  
generally viewed as immutable.  Only certain additions (alternative  
names and extensions can be added, and DESC values changed.  Matching  
rules should never be changed.
 > If the equality matching rule is not implemented it should not be  
announced in the subschema.
Assuming you mean that the "EQUALITY caseIgnoreListMatch" should be  
removed, no.  If caseIgnoreListMatch is not supported, than the  
MatchingRule definition for caseIgnoreListMatch should not be published.
 > The server should not simply report what might have been defined in  
some RFC.
No.  See above.
I note that the specification does allow publication of unimplemented  
descriptions.  It actually legal to publish caseIgnoreListMatch.  But  
OpenLDAP has traditionally only published supported descriptions.