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Re: (ITS#4685) Updated changelog overlay by Neil Dunbar

since we're still using the overlay to synchronize our identities 
between OpenLDAP and Active Directory using Novell Identity Manager, I 
made a little update again that keeps up with latest OpenLDAP 
development in HEAD and finally includes some documentation that was 
initially written by Neil Dunbar. Thanks to Paul Turgyan I was able to 
fix some memory leaks that occured in specific situations when base64 
encoded attributes were changed. As requested I also tried to get 
conform to the IPR policies that are required when contributing to 
OpenLDAP. I know that the changelog mechanism as described in the draft 
draft-good-ldap-changelog-03 is not new fashion - but some large 
dirctory servers and identity management products seem to stick to this 

You can find the updated versions in:
for OpenLDAP 2.3.x (tested up to 2.3.42): 
for OpenLDAP 2.4.x (tested up to HEAD): 

I'll be glad for any feedback,