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Re: A bunch of bugs the ITS seems to be ignoring

On Jul 8, 2008, at 6:25 AM, Ben Schmidt wrote:


In late June I tried to submit 6 bug reports using your issue tracker
online. They seemed to submit OK, but didn't show up straight away,
however since you note on the site that they may not show up
immediately, I was content to wait. They still haven't shown up, though.

So now I have 7 bug reports! The original six are below. The seventh is
that the issue tracker doesn't work, or requires login or something else
that isn't documented.

If someone knows what I was doing wrong with the tracker and can explain
what I should be doing, I'm happy to enter these into it again more

Well, the script that handles submissions (which get handled internally as email) regarded your submissions as coming from a mailer daemon, and squashed them. This is because your email address starts with "mail_". I've changed to rule slightly to avoid this problem in the future.

(I note that you may have trouble getting past various procmail-based (and others) mail handlers due to your choice of email addresses. The issue is with the built-in FROM_DAEMON and FROM_MAILER rules.)

You should now be able to resubmit the issues using the tracker.

(My email program is likely to wrap this and thereby botch up the
patches, too. They're probably still easy enough to understand/fix.)