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Re: (ITS#5355) back-meta calls back-ldap directly

rein@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
> After fetching the recent CVS head today I started getting spurious 
> failures in test036-meta-concurrency, which appears to be related to the 
>   mod* test programs failing with this message:
>    Administrative limit exceeded (11) Operation timed out
> I assume that the new "idle-timeout" directive in 
> tests/data/slapd-meta.conf is the root of the failures.  I'm currently 
> testing with the value increased from 10 to 100, but I don't know what 
> the best value would be.  So far so good, but too early to conclude..

Yes.  I have the same impression.  In fact, removing idle-timeout seems 
to cure the occasional failures.  I'll probably have a deeper look into 
it next weekend.


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