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RE: ldapsearch and buffered stdout

Dale.Moore@cs.cmu.edu wrote
> The client tool can read from stdin and produce output on stdout.
> For example
>    ldapsearch -L -x -f - 'cn=%s' uid
> This will read cn values from stdin and produce search results on stdout.
> But doing this interactively does not produce the immediate feedback
> because stdout is often buffered.  The search results are presented
> only after a sufficient amount have been buffered, or an EOF is encountered.

Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote
> stdout is line buffered by default when it's attached to a terminal. I don't 
> see any reason to change this. If it's behaving like a block-buffered handle 
> on your system then your platform is broken.

In the situation that brought this up, it was interactive, but it wasn’t
interactive through a terminal.  It was interactive through a pipe in a
script.  Of course, many systems do buffer pipes.

I hope that you now see some small amount of benefit to flushing stdout.

Dale Moore