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(ITS#5589) Segfault in syncrepl on provider

Full_Name: Michael Fladischer
Version: 2.4.10
OS: Debian GNU/Linux Unstable
URL: http://storage.fladi.at/~fladischer.michael/slapd/
Submission from: (NULL) (

I'm running two instances of slapd (2.4.10 from Debian/Unstable) on separate
One is the master/provider and the other the slave, pulling changes via syncrepl
from the provider.
Since 2.4.9 the provider slapd instance crashes with a segfault when the slave
attempts to search for the latest changes. If there are no changes the operation
completes successful.
If I change an attribute of an object on the master (add/delete/modify) the
slapd instance crashes with a segfault immediately the moment when the slave
starts his search.
I can reproduce this every time but only with a slave slapd doing the search.
The segfault does not occur when searching with ldapsearch.

A backtrace can be found at the provided URL.