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Re: (ITS#5574) Attribute type 'auditContext' not available in subschema

michael@stroeder.com wrote:

> I can't see it with RE24 (at the moment 2.4.10).
> Which version are you looking at?
> On my system slapo-accesslog is built and actively used.
> BTW: Other schema elements of slapo-accesslog are not available either: 
> object class auditModify, attribute type reqAuthzID etc.

HEAD.  I checked the code to see if the HIDE flag was being set, and I 
didn't notice it was (it's being added right before registering the 
schema item, rather than when defining it, that's why I overlooked it). 
  Of course you can't see it with 2.4.  I think its publication as 
non-experimental is pending Howard's completion of the related I.D.


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