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Re: (ITS#5576) Missing attribute type 'managedInfo' referenced with SUP

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
> michael@stroeder.com writes:
>> The following attribute type declaration references 'managedInfo'
>> which is not declared:
>> ( NAME 'olmDbURIList' DESC 'List of URIs a
>> proxy is serving; can be modified run-time' SUP managedInfo )
> Please mention where the code is which you refer to.
> Anyway, this is in back-ldap/monitor.c and managedInfo *is* declared -
> in back-monitor/init.c.  Have you observed a failure, e.g. with
> back-ldap and ./configure --disable-monitor?

I'm simply looking an cn=monitor of RE24.

I probably have to rephrase that: The schema elements of back-monitor 
seems not to be available in the subschema subentry.

Ciao, Michael.