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Re: (ITS#5576) Missing attribute type 'managedInfo' referenced with SUP

h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no wrote:
> michael@stroeder.com writes:
>> The following attribute type declaration references 'managedInfo'
>> which is not declared:
>> ( NAME 'olmDbURIList' DESC 'List of URIs a
>> proxy is serving; can be modified run-time' SUP managedInfo )
> Please mention where the code is which you refer to.
> Anyway, this is in back-ldap/monitor.c and managedInfo *is* declared -
> in back-monitor/init.c.  Have you observed a failure, e.g. with
> back-ldap and ./configure --disable-monitor?

I suspect something like: if back-monitor and/or back-ldap are built as 
modules, and loaded in the wrong order (back-ldap first, back_monitor 
then), 'olmDbURIList' is likely to be registered __before__ 
'managedInfo'.  I don't see a quick fix (or anything but requiring 
loading the modules in the right order) to this issue.  In fact, the 
only "clean" solution would be for back-ldap to register a function that 
is executed when back-monitor is loaded, in order to register dependent 
schema items and enable the monitoring feature it implements.  The 
safest thing to do right now is condition the registration of 
'olmDbURIList' to the existence of 'managedInfo', conditioning the 
availability of the monitoring feature to loading the modules in the 
right order.  Of course this ought to be documented somewhere.  Note 
that probably similar issues exist in back-bdb's specific monitoring 
features.  The fact that I seldom develop while building backends and 
overlays as modules might have an impact on this type of issues, though.


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