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Re: (ITS#5568) Multiple Suffix not working in 2.3.39 Release.

Howard Chu:
> Indeed, the idea of "multiple suffixes" is that you're using suffixes
> with no subordinate relation. However in that case, there is no
> logical reason to keep them all within the same database either. They
> represent totally independent namespaces then, and keeping them in a
> single database offers no advantages.

Well, it offers some advantages.  Some features don't work between
multiple databases, like subtree rename and (yuck) aliases.  Also it
can be simpler and less work to administer and tune one database than
several.  Though instead it can be more work for slapd, e.g. index
data both suffixes get joined together, indexing can give more false
positives which will have to be eliminated by checking the filter.