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Re: (ITS#5555) authzTo ACL check for wrong principal

andrew.findlay@skills-1st.co.uk wrote:

> When using "authz-policy to" I find that the entity that is trying to do an
> operation on behalf of another entity needs read access to its own authzTo
> attribute.
> This seems wrong: authzTo is defining what the user may do: I do not really want
> them to be able to see it. When doing a proxy authz I think ACLs for this
> attribute should not be checked at all as the access is effectively being done
> by the rootdn.

AFAIK, access to that attribute is checked using AUTH rather than read. 
  The idea is that ACLs should allow to fine-grain control who is 
allowed to exploit the authorization feature while giving up as little 
as possible (e.g. AUTH instead of READ).


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