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Re: (ITS#5540) Normalization assertion in attr.c

Sean Burford wrote:
> Not all attributes have an equality matching rule. This causes your
> patch to segfault since sat_equality is NULL:
>     have_norm = a->a_desc->ad_type->sat_equality->smr_normalize != NULL;
> This seems to be a better way to generate have_norm:
>     have_norm = a->a_desc->ad_type->sat_equality != NULL &&
>     a->a_desc->ad_type->sat_equality->smr_normalize != NULL;

Thanks, looks fine.

> Once that is fixed the config backend causes an assert for me when it
> attempts to add createTimestamp, which is exactly the problem you describe.
> I'll create a patch that addresses any of these normalization issues
> that I can identify and send it to one of the openldap lists. Would
> openldap-its or openldap-devel be preferable?

Just continue to reply to this ITS for now.
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