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(ITS#5504) ldapsearch hangs retrieving info

Hi Howard,

  unfortunately there´s no update for openladp under SL4, that´s why we 
are using such version. In fact I see no newer versions but for Fedora 
and Mandriva


  In fact, other sites are living nice with that version or older ones. 
In any case, I have compiled and built latest stable version from 
openldap project webpage (2.3.39) and I get the same problem. I'm not 
saying this is a bug from ldap, but something with local area network 

  I'm asking for some support to debug this problem actually.

 Javier Fernandez Menendez     

 Grupo de Fisica de AAEE
 Universidad de Oviedo
 C/ Calvo Sotelo, s/n
 33005 Oviedo
 Phone: +34 985106252