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Re: (ITS#5505) Attribute value for 'modifiersName' in case of overlays

> Just a feature request for convenience:
> Would it be possible to set the value of attribute 'modifiersName' to the
> DN of
> the overlays' configuration entry under cn=config if an entry was modified
> by an
> overlay? In this case one would have a direct link to the configuration if
> needed. Currently 'cn=<overlay name>' (e.g cn=Referential Integrity
> Overlay) is
> added which does not refer to an existing entry at all.

Technically, I don't see any problem, except that overlays (and software
modules, in general) do not hold a direct reference to their config
entry's DN, if any (e.g. when back-config is not in use, the data
structure is in place, but not in LDIF form; please correct me if I'm
wrong).  I wonder whether exposing such detail makes sense, or risks
breaking any security.  Probably I'm getting paranoid...


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