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Re: (ITS#5500) comments in cn=config entries

h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no wrote:

> One problem with back-config is that comments in slapd.conf
> are lost when converting to cn=config, and cn=config does
> not offer attributes in which to put comments.  So I suggest:
> Add something like 'MAY ( description $ info )' to object class
> olcConfig, and slapd.conf keywords with the same name.  description
> to describe the slapd entry, info for other notes about it.
> The slapd.conf keywords would allow admins to "upgrade" most comments in
> slapd.conf before converting to cn=config.  They'll need to insert any
> context into the comments though, and preferably move frontend directives
> with comments in slapd.conf to an explicit frontend database.
> I think it'd be best if these attribute names do not have a prefix
> like "olc", so they'll stand out a bit from the rest.  Thus the
> suggestion to stick to preexisting RFCed attributes.  However the
> attribute for general notes ('info') should probably be treated as
> X-ORDERED 'VALUES', I haven't checked if it's inconvenient to do
> that with a preexisting attribute without that feature. The valsort
> overlay does, but I don' suggest to require valsort.

The X-ORDERED flag obviously cannot be added to existing schema elements; you 
need to define a new attribute.

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