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(ITS#5500) comments in cn=config entries

Full_Name: Hallvard B Furuseth
Version: HEAD
Submission from: (NULL) (
Submitted by: hallvard

One problem with back-config is that comments in slapd.conf
are lost when converting to cn=config, and cn=config does
not offer attributes in which to put comments.  So I suggest:

Add something like 'MAY ( description $ info )' to object class
olcConfig, and slapd.conf keywords with the same name.  description
to describe the slapd entry, info for other notes about it.

The slapd.conf keywords would allow admins to "upgrade" most comments in
slapd.conf before converting to cn=config.  They'll need to insert any
context into the comments though, and preferably move frontend directives
with comments in slapd.conf to an explicit frontend database.

I think it'd be best if these attribute names do not have a prefix
like "olc", so they'll stand out a bit from the rest.  Thus the
suggestion to stick to preexisting RFCed attributes.  However the
attribute for general notes ('info') should probably be treated as
X-ORDERED 'VALUES', I haven't checked if it's inconvenient to do
that with a preexisting attribute without that feature. The valsort
overlay does, but I don' suggest to require valsort.