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Re: (ITS#5470) Sporadic failures with RE24

luca@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
> luca@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
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>> Howard Chu wrote:
>>> Thanks. Please try HEAD again.
>> No way.
>> new testrun directory in
>> ftp://ftp.sys-net.it/luca_scamoni_its5470_20080430-new.tgz
>> backtrace attached
> recent commits seem to have fixed it (at least, right now I'm not able
> to reproduce it anymore...)

Right. Confirmed here too; I (temporarily) added an assert(0) to the offending 
branch of code to make sure the patch was actually getting hit. It takes a 
very particular timing to trigger that code path.

I'm not sure how we can reliably test for this down the road. Perhaps we 
should add a "disabled" config keyword for backends and syncrepl consumers, so 
that we can start up the individual servers, (which takes an unpredictable 
amount of time for each) and then enable various parts in a fixed sequence 
(e.g. 1 second sleeps between ldapmodify/enable requests). Even that's hit or 
miss, because our test database is so small it's unlikely that we can hit the 
window of time on demand.
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