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Re: (ITS#5486) openldap with syncprov intermittent core dump

Howard Chu wrote:

>> Looking at the log snippet above, I can see in the "syncprov_sendresp" 
>> lines
>> that the cookie appears to be empty. This does appear to be similar to 
>> ITS#5432,
> I don't see that in the snippet above. Seems unrelated.

Okay. I was just querying whether it was related to the fact that the 
cookie= field appeared blank similar to the ITS#5432.

> "info threads" would probably be a useful start. And "bt full".

No problem. I've created a file containing the same snippet from the log 
file and the extra information requested above, and uploaded it to 
http://pastebin.siriusit.co.uk/openldap-its5486-detail.txt to help 
preserve formatting.

Many thanks,


Mark Cave-Ayland
Sirius Corporation - The Open Source Experts
T: +44 870 608 0063