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Re: (ITS#5475) Enhance ldapdelete to delete with a filter

ando@sys-net.it writes:
> Although I don't see any particular issue in implementing this
> enhancement, ldap* tools are essentially intended to implement the basic
> LDAP features at the operation level.

True, ldapdelete -r is a bit of an aberration in that regard.

> You can easily obtain what you're asking for by using
> ldapsearch <search options> | grep ^dn: | ldapdelete <delete options>

No.  Must also join continuation lines first, check for non-success
result from search, and sort the DNs so children precede parents.
Excellent example of how quickly LDAP shell scripting become more
cumbersome than using a proper LDAP API:-)

Come to think of it, an ldapdelete option to reverse-sort the DNs by
number of RDNs would be useful.  This would satisfy child-before-parent.