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Re: (ITS#5475) Enhance ldapdelete to delete with a filter

> I find that ldapdelete can only delete a DN or a subtree one time. If I
> want to
> delete all entries fulfilling a certain filter. I have to get the DNs
> first, put
> them in a file, and then use ldapdelete to delete them.
> Can we use a filter in ldapdelete, just as the filter in ldapsearch?

Although I don't see any particular issue in implementing this
enhancement, ldap* tools are essentially intended to implement the basic
LDAP features at the operation level.  You can easily obtain what you're
asking for by using

ldapsearch <search options> | grep ^dn: | ldapdelete <delete options>

(which is very UNIX-style, BTW).

In any case you'd need to add further logics to handle any delete failure,
which, according to LDAP model, cannot be transactional.  So any
contribution in the sense of your suggestion would probably be welcomed,
but I hardly see it critical.


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