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(ITS#5471) Object-Deletions (some) missing in syncrepl consumers

Full_Name: Marian Eichholz
Version: HEAD-20080411
OS: Linux
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

When I made a consistency check with our two syncrepl consumers, I found several
irritating differences.

After the initial refresh cycle, the DNs were complete. But when the consumers
got all new objects after, they now have objects that were deleted on the
provider in the meantime. Unfortunately I cannot tell when that happened to a
specific DN.
The set of undeleted objects is not identically on the two consumers.
So I guess that it is not a problem with the data itself.

So the consumers are corrupted now.

Both consumers suffer from hanging replication sessions. This is why we switched
from 2.4.8 to HEAD (11.4.2008, see ITS 5463). They were stopped and restarted
repeatedly, of course. The daemons have never been killed. So the DBD backend

Any idea how to find such events in the LOCAL4-Log? I did not apply "any" as
loglevel for predictable performance issues and so liked to keep the entries to
a reasonable volume.

Thank You very much for any idea.

Yours sincerely - Marian Eichholz (freenet AG)