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Re: (ITS#5467) aliases broke on hdb/bdb ?

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
> Not a bug.  A search which dereferences aliases, checks the filter
> against the _aliased_ entry, not against the _alias_ entry.

Sorry for the noise - I would've started on the mailing list, but
I was given erroneous advise on howto achive a goal - and after
reading the relevant rfc - thought it might indeed do what I wanted.

It looks like to do what I want, I need in DIT referrals :(

> So, try	ldapsearch -a always uid=wilfinge.

Well, that, of course, works fine - but misses what I need entirely

I have an extant DIT holding Unix/Samba/Kerberos user information,
and have a need to provide a few accounts with an 'alias' - due
to these users having used differing account names on other systems.

I want both 'wilfing' and 'wilfinge' to windup providing the account
data for the 'wilfinge' entry.

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