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Re: (ITS#5463) syncrepl stops or pauses

On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 11:34:33AM +0200, Rein Tollevik wrote:

> This sounds a lot like the problems we had, see ITS#5454.  Replication 
> has been running smootly since we implemented the patch included there.

OK, we switched to the CVS version (openldap-20080411). The
patch is rejected, as You might guess :-)

The problem persists more or less, anyway.

FYI: Whenever the replication stops, in
the provider-log (sync, conns) there is a line:

Apr 11 15:30:12 1 slapd[8994]: ber_flush2 failed errno=11 reason="Resource temporarily unavailable" 

I don't know if this is really meaningful.

Just for those people not too familiar with CVS: How can I
retrieve that very branch, where the hunk in ITS 5454
would succeed?

Thank You very much in advance, anyway, and the help in the

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Yours sincerely

Marian Eichholz